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Positive assessment of the Valencia Motor Show 2021

The Feria Valencia show closed its doors with a good feeling and an estimated sales figure of over 2,000 units sold during the four days of the event, 55% of which were new vehicles and 45% second-hand. “Feria Valencia has fulfilled its mission by presenting an attractive product selection for buyers this year, both in electric vehicles and in diesel and petrol”, said the event’s president, Enrique Tomás.

Valencia, 6 December 2021 – The twenty-third Valencia Motor Show closes its doors this afternoon at Feria Valencia after four days in which the event “has fulfilled its objectives”, according to the event’s president, Enrique Tomás, and it has achieved a turnover that, according to initial estimates from the exhibitors themselves, had exceeded 2000 units sold, with the registrations from the afternoon and the post-fair operations that will be closed in the days following the event still to be counted. Tomás gave a positive assessment, saying “The event has been held in a complex environment due to the current situation for the automotive market and even with the obvious uncertainties arising from the pandemic situation”. Despite this, he emphasised that “The usefulness has been shown of an event such as the Motor Show, the show is necessary for the sector and very much in demand by the Valencian public, who have been grateful to meet up again with this traditional event in the December long-weekend after it was not possible to hold the 2020 event due to the pandemic”.

The Valencia Motor Show presented a very attractive product selection, beyond the stock adjustments of some brands, with a showcase in which the buying public was able to choose from among the 3,500 vehicles on display, both new and second-hand, pre-owned and zero kilometre, and in electric, hybrid, diesel or petrol variants. Exhibitors noted the growing interest in the new products presented by the brands in electric engines, although they also noted the strength that continues to exist in the market for classic diesel and petrol engines, especially in the second-hand vehicle market, where delivery times are much tighter than is the case for new vehicles. In fact, 55% of sales at this year’s show were of new vehicles, while 45% were of used vehicles. The Motor Show, in this sense, “has been a true reflection of the market, with buyer interest and a strong product selection from the brands”, said the event’s president. One of the most positive aspects of this year’s Valencia Motor Show has been the consolidation for Valencian enthusiasts of an event dedicated to classic and collector vehicles, the Valencia Classic Motor Show, which was held for the first time this weekend at Feria Valencia alongside the motor show, and which received widespread applause from fans of this type of collectors.