memory 2021

Fiesta y Boda + Urbe: Objective achieved for the initial public trade fairs in the second half of the year

Exhibitors at Fiesta y Boda highlight the high level of business generated in the wedding and event planning sectors. For their part, single-family homes and rental properties, the segments with the most ‘pull’ at a “transitional” Urbe event and in which the reactivation of the sector was notable.

Valencia, 24 October 2021 – Feria Valencia today sees the closing of the first two events open to the public organised in the second half of the year in a framework of new post-pandemic normality. And it does so with a more than positive balance in terms of the influx of the buying public and the business generated in the wedding and event planning sectors, in the case of Fiesta y Boda, and in the real estate sector for the Urbe fair.

Fiesta y Boda will officially conclude this evening at 8 pm with highly satisfactory results and attendance estimates similar to those recorded at its last event in 2019. In fact, all the exhibitors have shown their satisfaction for the business generated during the three days of this events-sector fair that show a reactivation after the months of pandemic. During this event, the Valencian Costume area has attracted substantial interest from the world of Las Fallas, both to its commercial exhibition and to the two fashion shows that took place on the catwalk.

Strutting to the rhythm of reggaeton

One of the attractions of Fiesta y Boda were the fashion shows related to the different sectors present at Fiesta y Boda. There were shows of Valencian, ceremonial and communion outfits for the youngest and wedding fashion for both bride and groom. The latter segment saw a spectacular staging of the Félix Ramiro fashion show, with the participation of the popular singer Nyno Vargas, who set the parade to the rhythm of reggaeton.

Single-family homes and rentals triumph at Urbe

As for the Urbe real estate exhibition, it closed its doors at midday today with a satisfactory assessment in terms of the volume of business generated and the reactivation of the sector. According to President Juan Valero, “This was a transitional event from the standstill in business because of the pandemic to the reactivation of business that we’re now seeing”. The president of the event highlighted “The quality of the buyers who have visited us this weekend, who were very well informed about what they want and in the spirit of formalising their purchases”.

The exhibitors at Urbe, in this context, pointed to single-family homes and rental properties as the two segments for which they received the most enquiries at this year’s Urbe event. Thus, many buyers are considering the option of purchasing the single-family homes that are currently being promoted in areas close to the capital, such as Camp de Túria, as “It is a very attractive option as it is practically the same price as a new-build, three-bedroom flat in the new neighbourhoods under construction in the city of Valencia”. In addition, they pointed out, “The pandemic is changing housing habits and people are now looking for homes in green areas”.

Similarly, rental housing was another of the most popular segments at Urbe and many users were interested in this option for accessing housing. In fact, some exhibitors offered a range of rental housing for students in their portfolio.