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Extensive online coverage of the special digital event for Forinvest 2021

For the Regional Minister and President of the event, Vicent Soler, Forinvest 2021 “Has been able to adapt to the new situation and has produced a solid digital event, with the aim of continuing to transfer financial culture to society in a virtually connected world”.

Valencia, 18 May 2021 – Satisfactory assessment of the special digital event for Forinvest 2021, which took place on 10-14 May digitally through the event’s different digital platforms. In fact, to date, 2,970 professionals from the financial and business sectors have viewed some of the five Forinvest themed forums and the Forinvest Awards ceremony, which was held in person but was also streamed online and, like the other activities, is available to view online on Forinvest’s various digital platforms.

“A pioneering event in the Spanish-speaking world”.

The Regional Minister for Finance and Economic Modelling and president of Forinvest, Vicent Soler, stressed that this Forinvest event has been special, as it has been put on in a digital format, but that it was no less successful for that. “The event has been able to adapt to the new situation and has produced a solid digital event, with the aim of continuing to transfer financial culture to society in a virtually connected world”, he said.

“Once again this year, although in a different way, Forinvest has achieved its objective. This event, thanks to new technologies, has reached offices and homes and has managed to garner great interest”, said the regional minister, who pointed out that the webinars, streamed via an open and publicly accessible digital platform, have greatly boosted their reach thanks to social media.

“Finance has been discussed, but also cybersecurity, e-administration and crypto-finance. In addition, financial instruments to combat the pandemic have been presented and experiences with start-ups have been discussed”, said Soler, who highlighted the variety of the programme. “Over the years, Forinvest has become a pioneering event not only in our country, but also in the Spanish-speaking world, due to its characteristics, consolidating itself as a benchmark in the sector”, said the regional minister.

“This forum was born 14 years ago with the idea of helping entrepreneurs to make the best decisions and the best possible investments. From then until now, things have changed significantly in the financial sphere and Forinvest has also adapted to this new reality by expanding its activities beyond the financial sector itself”, he said.

Vicent Soler also highlighted the track record of the winners of the Forinvest 2021 Awards and pointed out that they all stand out for their professionalism and for being related to new technologies, R&D and internationalisation. Finally, the Regional Minister for Finance congratulated the organisers of Forinvest for all the work they had done.

Greater interest from outside the Valencian Community

The interest in Forinvest Digital 2021 has transcended the Valencian Community, as 51.31% of the total number of views came from the rest of Spain, 43.70% from the Valencian Community and 4.98% from abroad.

In the breakdown of the forums, the one with the most interest is the Personal Finance Forum, with 1084 views to date, followed by the International Insurance Forum with 632 views, the Innovation & Fintech Forum with 620, the Advisor Forum with 609 and the Forinvest Economic Outlook Forum with 396. In this latter case, and as it was still being held last Friday, a substantial increase in views is expected in the coming days.

Finally, the online broadcast of the Forinvest Awards last Monday, which kicked off Forinvest 2021, totalled 426 views.

Virtual forums

The contents of the different Forinvest 2021 Forums are available at the following links:

·        Forinvest Awards -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eBiooSSRtw

·        International Insurance Forum -> https://youtu.be/c8gibbFo7RQ

·        Adviser Forum -> https://youtu.be/RLWbKY4gMzI       

·        Innovation & Finthech Forum -> https://youtu.be/fBw54gbDjOc            

·        Personal Finance Forum -> https://youtu.be/EOxySJKjrn8        

·        Forinvest Forum -> https://youtu.be/oXfkJbcsN6s        

Forinvest 2021 is event partners with CaixaBank, Santander, Sabadell, Ibercaja and the Generalitat Valenciana through the Valencian Finance Institute (IVF), while Mapfre is the official insurer. The event also includes the collaboration of numerous companies, associations and professional groups such as Valencia City Council through València Activa, the Valencian Community Professional Council of Insurance Mediators, the Valencian Community Tax Advisors and Rankia.