memory 2021

The Second-Hand Vehicle Fair sees over 1000 cars sold

Valencia, 6 June 2021 – This figure means sales exceed those of the 2020 event, which was already described as “historic” by the exhibitors themselves and in which more than 800 units were sold, to which was added the after-sales in the days following the fair to reach almost a thousand cars sold. This year, not counting the sales that will be made this afternoon and those that will be agreed in the next few days as a result of event itself, the estimate already exceeds one thousand cars sold since last Thursday, the day the event opened.

“The fair has responded in the only way it knows how”, explains the president of the event, Enrique Tomás. “We have to take into account that last year we saw captive demand coming from months lockdown and that is why in 2020 we had such positive figures. This year the challenge was to demonstrate that with the progressive normalisation of the pandemic situation the fair would continue to respond, and so it has. The buyers have responded, sales have been made and therefore we are completely satisfied”, the Valencian businessman said.

The fair’s results confirm that the automotive sector is currently going through a period of strength. According to the latest study by the sector’s employers’ association GANVAM, in the first four months of the year, sales of second-hand vehicles had increased by 24.4% in the Valencian Community, compared to the same period in 2019, the last comparable year. In addition, the used electric vehicle market, which accumulated 184% growth in the first four months of the year according to the same study, was also very dynamic during the fair. In fact, practically all the stands had several units from this segment, both in their 100% electric and hybrid versions.

Exhibitors showed their strict compliance with the safety measures put in place as part of the Feria Valencia anti-COVID-19 protocol in their interactions with the visiting public. In fact, during the four days of the event, no incidents were recorded in this regard.

The Second-Hand Vehicle Fair was the first 100% on-site event to be held by the institution in 2021.