memory 2021

The Motorcycle and Bicycle Shows return to the path of success

VLC Bikes and 2 Ruedas concluded with records close to the last pre-pandemic events and 15,000 fans and buyers who have visited Feria Valencia. The new mobility is here to stay and this made electric bikes and motorbikes one of the star products of the weekend.

Valencia, 14 November 2021 – Objective achieved. The Valencia Bike and Motorcycle Shows, 2 Ruedas and VLC Bikes, wound up at 7 pm this evening with the full satisfaction of having recovered the fair for the sector after a year’s forced stoppage due to the pandemic. Despite the fact that the two-wheel market is experiencing a period of good sales, it is also at a difficult juncture as the lack of components and parts puts stress on the manufacturing deadlines of brands and distributor stocks. While this has been reflected at the show with a more reduced product selection than on previous occasions, it has not been an obstacle for the public in supporting Feria Valencia’s events with their presence.

Fans and buyers have responded “excellently” to this year’s event and this has shown “the desire that all the two-wheel enthusiasts had for the return of the fair”, says the director of the events, Paco Valero. For the head of 2 Ruedas and VLC Bikes, “We are highly satisfied with the results of the shows, taking into account that the main objective was to recover the fair after the pandemic. According to estimates, and with this afternoon’s figures still to be counted, we have already had around 15,000 visitors throughout the weekend, so we will be close to the figures for the last event”.

These numbers, in Valero’s opinion, “bring both shows back to normality and put them back on the path towards growth so that at the event in 2022, we will once again grow in terms of brands and the products on offer, which is what the fans are demanding of us”.

Sustainable mobility

Another of the conclusions that can be drawn from these shows is that electrification is here to stay in the two-wheeler sector. This year’s event has seen an increase in the presence of 100%-electric motorbikes and bikes, with models that are aesthetically very attractive and which, according to the exhibitors themselves, have not only piqued the interest of the public but have also generated direct purchases.

In addition, the new location of all the bikes on offer at the VLC Bikes Show, located in the Central Distributor at Feria Valencia and a must for all attendees, has multiplied the visits and interaction of visitors with exhibitors, who have ratified the ‘boom’ that the bicycle market is experiencing, both in the different sports and urban or touring models.

Presentation of a new Macbor model in Spain

The fair also continues to be the ideal setting for introducing new models. An example of this is the Macbor brand, which has chosen the 2 Ruedas event to present its new Eight Mile model this weekend, a naked model offered in two versions: Eight Mile 500 Street (STR), focused on asphalt and urban use, and the more versatile Eight Mile 500 Scrambler (SCR), with an undoubtedly aggressive and adventurous air. This was the exclusive unveiling for the whole of Spain of a model that was launched in our country just a few days ago.