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The Alfa de Oro Awards 2021 presented at Feria Valencia

Keros Cerámica/Ferro Spain, Coloronda, Realonda and Sistemas de Diseño Digital were the winners at the Alfa de Oro Awards 2021, which closed the cycle of Cevisama ON conferences.

Valencia, 26 May 2021 – The CEVISAMA ON cycle of digital conferences concluded this afternoon with a brilliant finale, the Alfa de Oro Awards ceremony, one of the most traditional events that every year form part of the Cevisama agenda and which, on this occasion, were presented within the framework of CEVISAMA ON and streamed live on its different digital platforms.

In the event’s 45th year, the jury, which met to present the Alfa de Oro Prizes awarded by the Spanish Ceramic and Glass Society, gave out a total of four Alfa de Oro prizes, taking into consideration, in accordance with the rules, “technological, process and design innovations, as well as the properties of the products present”. The winners were the following companies:

ALFA DE ORO to the company KEROS CERAMICA S.L./FERRO SPAIN S.L.U for the development of HIDRACER, hydraulic paving using ceramic technology.

ALFA DE ORO to the company COLORONDA S.L. for the manufacture of a magnetic enamel that revolutionises wall mounting.

ALFA DE ORO to the company REALONDA S.A. for the manufacture of functional ceramic tiles with a self-regulating humidity capacity.

ALFA DE ORO to the company SISTEMAS DE DISEÑO DIGITAL, S.L. for the creation of an AITISTER Digital Intelligence algorithm for creating ceramic designs.

The award ceremony was attended by the Generalitat Valenciana Regional Minister for Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Work, Rafael Climent, who was accompanied by the Vice-President of the Castellón Provincial Council, Patricia Puerta, together with the President of the Spanish Ceramics and Glass Society, Alfredo González, and the General Manager of Feria Valencia, Enrique Soto.

Climent thanked the SECV for its work in “Promoting the technical progress of the industries, as well as stimulating growth and improvement through research and dissemination of technical and scientific knowledge”. The regional minister also welcomed the upcoming celebration of Cevisama in February 2022 because “The fair is undoubtedly an excellent commercial and promotional platform for the sector’s products”.

Furthermore, Climent pointed out that “At the Generalitat we have the firm objective of re-industrialising our sectors and achieving an industry with high added value and resilience, that exports and is rooted in the territory. A clear example of this is our ceramics industry”.

For her part, the Vice-President of the Castellón Provincial Council indicated that these awards are “A recognition of the effort that the R&D&i departments of the companies are making every day to present the most innovative products and designs”. From the Provincial Council, she said, “We will continue to be at the side of the sector to continue contributing so the ceramic cluster in the province remains the main economic engine of the province and the main source of knowledge, innovation and competitiveness worldwide”.

Photos of the event here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmVMufuW

Recovery of the ceramic frits, glazes and colours sector

The Alfa de Oro Awards were the last event of CEVISAMA ON but, before that, the afternoon session of this cycle of digital conferences began with an interview with the President of ANFFECC, Joaquín Font de Mora, who analysed the current situation in the frits, glazes and ceramic colours sector.

The employers’ association has noted a “recovery in these sectors, with 6% growth in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same period last year, so we believe it will be a good year and we can return to pre-pandemic levels,” said Font de Mora.

The president of ANFFECC talked about the sector’s concern about the environmental challenge and claimed that the associated companies “In the last 15 years have already reduced their emissions into the atmosphere by 45%”. He also expressed his hope that the next round of European funds will help the sector to make progress in this strategy.

To conclude, Font de Mora advanced some of the lines of innovation that the sector is working on, such as “more efficient and intelligent glazes or new inks for ceramic injection machines”.

This afternoon’s conference and the Alfa de Oro Awards ceremony are now available at this link: