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Feria Valencia looks to its surroundings

By Ramón Sabater

Throughout its more than one hundred years of history, Feria Valencia has established working, institutional and social outreach links with the most important organisations and associations in today’s society. Its commitment to service and public utility, which it has pursued since its foundation in 1917, has meant that Feria Valencia has also acted as a driving force for economic and social development.

A quick glance at these relationships reveals a map with more than a hundred links with different impacts depending on their objective.

Feria Valencia, a pioneer in its sector

Feria Valencia is a pioneer in forming associations of companies and organisations in the trade fair sector. In fact, it is co-founder and instigator of the largest global association in the trade fair world, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI); it is also a member of the European Major Exhibition Centres Association (EMECA), the International Association of Trade Fairs of America (AFIDA), and the Association of Spanish Trade Fairs (AFE).

In addition, it is also a member of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), the International Association of Convention Centres (AIPC); the Spanish Convention Centre Association (APCE) and the Iberian Chapter of Meeting Professionals International (MPI).

Feria Valencia, a commitment to society

The social dimension of Feria Valencia is multiplied both through the participation by different public and professional organisations in its governing bodies and also through the involvement of Feria Valencia itself in the organisation of many other entities.

A clear example of this is the Feria Valencia Board of Trustees, which includes lifetime participation by representatives from Valencia City Council; the Generalitat Valenciana Regional Ministry for Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Work; Valencia Provincial Council; Castellón Provincial Council; Alicante Provincial Council; Valencian Parliament; Alicante Trade Fair Institution (IFA); Valencia Chamber of Commerce; Castellón Chamber of Commerce; Alicante Chamber of Commerce; Valencian Institute for Business Competitiveness (IVACE); the Valencian Community Business Confederation (CEV); and the Professional Association of Commercial Agents.

Feria Valencia also forms part of different organisations in different ways (employer, associate, member of the board of directors, etc.). This is the case for the University-Business Foundation (AEDIT); CEV; City of Valencia Social Council; the Valencia Tourism Foundation; the Stock Market and Financial Studies Foundation; the Professor Manuel Broseta Foundation; the ETNOR Foundation; the Valenciaport Foundation; Fundació Comunitat Valenciana Regió Europea; the Valencian Community Foundation for Strategic Promotion, Development and Urban Innovation ‘Fundación Las Naves’; IFA; Valencia Convention Centre; Consell Municipal de Turisme de València; the Conexus Foundation and the Paterna Local Pact for Innovation.

Feria Valencia and the sectors

The trade fairs and events organised by Feria Valencia intensify Feria Valencia’s relationship with the productive sectors it serves. Employers’ associations, professional associations, public institutions, etc. many of them develop powerful synergies with the fairs in a ‘win-win’ connection that benefits all parties.

A snapshot of the current fairs put on by Feria Valencia provides a good idea of this:

  • Beauty Forum
  • Valencian Beauticians Association
  • Valencia Hairdressers and Beauticians Guild  


  • ASCER – Spanish Association of Tile and Ceramic Pavement Producers
  • ASEBAN – Association of Spanish Bathroom Fittings Manufacturers
  • ANFFECC – National Association of Manufacturers of Ceramic Frits, Glazes and Colours
  • ASEBEC – Spanish Association of Machinery and Goods Producers for the Ceramics Industry
  • AMEC ASCON – Industrial Association of Interiors, Bathroom and Health Equipment Manufacturers
  • ITC – Institute of Ceramics Technology
  • Polytechnic University of Valencia – EXCO
  • PROALSO – Professional Association of Plasterers and Tilers
  • Valencian Community Official Architects Association – COACV
  • World Design Capital Valencia 2022
  • IVACE International
  • ICEX Spain Export and Investment


  • AVEPE – Valencian Association of eSports Companies and Professionals

Festival and Wedding

  • Valencian Community Craftwork Centre
  • Valencian Community Tailors and Dressmakers’ Guild

FIMMA + Maderalia

  • FEVAMA – Valencian Community Federation of Wood and Furniture Business
  • ASEMAD – Valencian Community Association of Carpentry and Allied Trades Businesses
  • ARVET – Processed Products Exporters Group
  • COFEARFE – Federation of Spanish Manufacturers of Hardware and Do-It-Yourself Items
  • IVACE International
  • ICEX Spain Export and Investment
  • AIDIMME Institute of Technology
  • World Design Capital Valencia 2022

FIMI + Babykid

  • Spanish Association for Children’s Products – ASEPRI
  • Valencia Chamber of Commerce
  • IVACE International
  • ICEX Spain Export and Investment


  • Valencia City Council – València Activa
  • Valencian Finance Institute – Generalitat Valenciana
  • Valencian Community Council of Professional Associations of Insurance Mediators
  • Valencian Community Tax Advisors
  • APD – Progreso Leadership Association
  • AED – Spanish Association of Directors
  • Centre d’Artesania de la Comunitat Valenciana
  • VIT Emprende
  • AVE – Valencian Business Association


  • Regional Ministry for Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition
  • FVMP – Valencian Federation of Muncipialities and Provinces


  • FVMP –Valencian Federation of Muncipialities and Provinces
  • Júcar Hydrographic Confederation
  • ASEIF – Valencia Association of Plumbing, Thermal Installations, Gases and other Fluids Installation Businesses
  • FENACORE – National Federation of Irrigation Communities

Encaja Supply Chain

  • Association for the Development of Logistics – ADL
  • AIDIMME Institute of Technology
  • Foia de Castalla Businesses Association
  • AVIA – Valencian Community Automotive Cluster
  • FVET – Valencian Federation of Transport and Logistics Businesses
  • FEDACOVA – Valencian Community Agri-Food Business Federation
  • SICI Kitchen Space
  • AMC – Kitchen Furniture Association
  • World Design Capital Valencia 2022


  • ADFB – Hardware and Do-It-Yourself Distributors Association
  • Gremi Ferreteria de Catalunya
  • EDRA – European Do-It-Yourself Distributors Association


  • Valencia City Council

Motor Show

  • GANVAM – National Association of Motor Vehicle Dealers, Repairs and Spare Parts
  • FEVAUTO – Valencia Province Vehicle Repair Workshops Association
  • Valencian Community Motoring Federation – FACV

Valencia Habitat Trade Fair

  • ANIEME Furniture From Spain – National Association of Spanish Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters
  • FEDAI Lighting From Spain – Spanish Lighting Fixtures Manufacturers and Exporters Federation
  • FHdE – Spanish Habitat Federation
  • IVACE International
  • ICEX Spain Export and Investment
  • FEVAMA – Valencian Community Federation of Wood and Furniture Businesses
  • EXTENDA – Andalusian State-owned Company for Foreign Promotion
  • APIMA – Associação Portuguesa das Indústrias de Mobiliário e Afins
  • COMERÇ MOBLE – Valencian Community Habitat Shops
  • World Design Capital Valencia 2022
  • ADCV –Valencian Community Designers Association
  • CDICV – Valencian Community Interior Designers’ Association


  • PANASEF – Asociación Nacional de Servicios Funerarios
  • Gremio Provincial Empresarios de Pomps Fúnebres de Valencia
  • IVACE Internacional

Home Textiles Premium by Textilhogar

  • ATEVAL Home Textiles From Spain – Asociación de Empresarios Textiles de la Comunidad Valenciana
  • IVACE Internacional
  • ICEX Spain Export and Investment
  • Asociación de investigación de la Industria Textil – AITEX
  • World Design Capital Valencia 2022


  • ASFEL – Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes Españoles de Productos de Limpieza e Higiene
  • AEFIMIL – Asociación Española de Fabricantes Importadores de Maquinaria Industrial de Limpieza
  • IVACE Internacional
  • ICEX Spain Export and Investment


  • ASFPLANT – Valencian Professional Association of Flowers, Plants and Horticultural Technology
  • ACUBAM – Baixo Miño Crops Association
  • AEA – Spanish Arboriculture Association
  • AECJ – Spanish Garden Centres Association
  • Spanish Public Parks and Gardens Association
  • AEPLA – Business Association for the Plant Protection
  • AGAEXAR – Asociación Galega de Empresas de Xardineria
  • AMJA – Multisectoral Association of the Andalusian Gardening Industry
  • ANVE – Associazione Nazionale Vivaisti Esportatori
  • APHARNS – Aragon, Rioja, Navarre and Soria Professional Association of Horticulture
  • APJ – Park and Garden Care Companies Association
  • APPP FN – Associaçao Portuguesa Productores Platntes e Flores Naturais
  • ASEJA – Green Infrastructure Management Companies Association
  • ASERPYMA – Landscape and Environment Restoration Companies Association
  • ASESCUVE – Spanish Green Roofs and Vertical Landscaping Association
  • ASOCAN – Canary Islands Harvesters and Exporters of Flowers and Live Plants Association
  • ASOCIAFLOR – Andalusian Nurseries and Flower Growers’ Association
  • Associació d’Agricultors Viveristes de Barcelona
  • Viveristes de Girona
  • Associació de Viveristes de Tarragona
  • ASVINOR – Northwest Nurseries Association
  • COITAVC – Valencia and Castellón Official Agricultural Technical Engineers and Graduates’ Association
  • COMAV – Institute for the Conservation and Improvement of Valencian Agrodiversity
  • FCV – Fórum Cannàbic Valencià
  • Federació d’Agricultors Viveristes de Catalunya
  • FEEJ – Spanish Gardening Companies Federation
  • FEPEX – Spanish Federation of Associations of Producers and Exporters of Fruit, Vegetables, Flowers and Live Plants
  • FAI – Italian Environmental Fund
  • Biodiversity Foundation
  • Botín Foundation
  • Casa Ducal de Medinaceli Foundation
  • FUNDEM –Enrique Montoliu Foundation
  • Gremi de Jardineria de Catalunya
  • INTO – International National Trust Organisation
  • National Trust
  • Universitat Politécnica de València
  • Viles en Flor Comunitat Valenciana
  • IVACE International
  • ICEX Spain Export and Investment

Induferias – Hinchalia

  • AESH – Spanish Association of Inflatable Games Businesses


  • INVASSAT – Institut Valencià de Seguretat i Salut en el Treball

Mediterránea Gastrónoma

  • Turisme CV – L’Exquisit Mediterrani
  • València Turisme
  • Castellón Provincial Council – Ruta de Sabor
  • Generalitat Valenciana – Molt de Gust
  • Alicante Provincial Council – Costa Blanca
  • Generalitat Valenciana/ Valencia Provincial Council / Valencia City Council – Delicious València
  • Valencian Community Academy of Gastronomy
  • Valencia Chamber of Commerce
  • Centre de Artesania de la Comunitat Valenciana
  • Valencia Hotel and Catering Business Federation – Hosteleria Valencia
  • Bakery and Confectionery Guild Federation
  • Valencia Hairdressers and Beauticians Guild
  • Gremio de Maestros Confiteros
  • València Activa

Nutraceuticals – Summit & Expo

  • ASEBIO – Spanish Biocompanies Association
  • AFCA – Food Additives and Food Supplements Manufacturers and Traders Association
  • AFEPADI – Dietetic and Food Supplements Companies Association
  • ANEFP – Association for Health Self-Care
  • ANFAAC – National Petfood Manufacturers Association
  • AINIA Technology Centre
  •  ‘Food For Life Spain’ Spanish Forestry Platform
  • PTV – Wine Technology Platform
  • VET+i Foundation
  • EURECAT – Centre Tecnológic de Catalunya

Valencia Comic Fair

  • Regional Ministry for Education, Culture and Sport – Generalitat Valenciana
  • Valencia City Council
  • Valencia Provincial Council – Culture Department
  • Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengue – AVLL
  • IVACE International
  • SM Foundation Universitat de València
  • Associació d’Editors del País Valencià
  • IVAJ

2Ruedas Show

  • Turisme Comunitat Valenciana
  • Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana ‘Ricardo Tormo’
  • Valencian Community Motorcycling Federation
  • AVAE Driver Training School


  • AEF – Spanish Franchise Association
  • Regional Ministry for Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Work
  • Valencia Chamber of Commerce
  • PATECO – Trade and Territory Office


  • Valencia Real Estate Agents’ Association
  • APROVA – Valencia Provincial Real Estate Developers’ Association
  • Valencian Housing and Land Entity – EVHA
  • FIVE – Valencian Building Institute
  • FEVEC – Valencian Construction Employers’ Federation

Valencia Boat Show

  • UEN – Union of Nautical Companies Valencia Marina